Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a unique method of answering your deepest questions. Even those who are skeptical about past lives can derive benefit from this technique. Some people regard past lives as a metaphorical story being told by the superconscious which provides insight in ways that cannot be expressed otherwise. Whatever your belief, the experience of a past life regression provides a new way to look at your life and your choices.

As we work within a past life our goal is not only to learn about that life, but also to resolve any issues which have carried over into this life. This can provide an enormous amount of relief in many different areas. Stuck ways of perceiving can change as well as relationship patterns, mysterious fears and even physical symptoms.  I guide you through release and resolution in each place we visit.

A Past Life Regression is a truly unique experience that provides insights and expansion which must be experienced to be understood. Sometimes people are drawn to a PLR and find that the session actually begins to focus on Energy Release Process. We can do both within the same session as we are guided in our work together by what would be most beneficial for you.

Past life regression is available as a one time session, the fee is $400 and the session usually lasts three hours. During a session we usually spend the first half hour or so discussing what you want to get out of it and then spend the majority of the time in hypnosis doing the regression.

Wonderful experience! I discovered much about my ambitions and resolved long standing emotional issues

Deb Williquette