Evolutionary Astrology

I practice Evolutionary Astrology, which takes into account past lives and how they show up in the natal chart. This style is not about defining you or determining the future, instead we explore how the archetypes we all share are active in your life and how to flow within challenges and opportunities.

During an astrology reading we look at your natal chart, as well as transits (where the planets are now) and progressions (tracking cycles of the fast moving planets). We will pay special attention to the asteroids Chiron and Black Moon Lilith.

Astrology readings are not offered as a stand-alone session, they are a part of longer-term work together or an intensive. Your chart gives us further perspective and initiative and assists in the alignment and processing of other modalities.

Truly experienced a caring person ! The time shared was totally enlightening. Years of reading and with Carly’s help it all comes into clarity and meaning!! Thank you!!!

Bob Williams