You are completely unique and only you can envision and create your best self.

My goal is to use a mix of modalities that fits you as you connect more profoundly to the exquisite experience of being alive.

Also, to have fun while doing it! 

Whether we meet just one time, such as for a Past Life Regression, or we begin longer term transformation using Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine: each session is tailored to you and the moment.

I bring a lifetime of exploration, sixteen years of one-on-one sessions and expertise in numerous modalities to create space for a deep and life-changing experience.

Together we will begin by releasing blockages; this will allow you to sense your self and your energy in a new way.

Then we will work on transforming any stuck patterns as you expand into who you choose to be in this now.

In each session we will explore your true purpose and find practical ways to integrate it into daily life.

As we go along you will learn to maintain healthy boundaries as you grow more and more comfortable creating connections with ease and satisfaction.  

Not 5 but too many stars to count! Carly is doing rare and profound work for others. I am so grateful for her gentle ability to both guide an experience and be present along my own journey.

Maureen Rowland