Past life regression is a unique method of answering your deepest questions. Even those who are skeptical about past lives can derive benefit from this technique. Some people regard past lives as a metaphorical story being told by the superconscious which provides insight in ways that cannot be expressed otherwise. Whatever your belief, the experience of a past life regression provides a new way to look at your life and your choices.

People choose to have past life regressions for many reasons; some do it simply out of curiosity or because they have heard about it from family or friends. Others are looking for a past life regression to resolve particular questions such as fears (such as of water or fires) that they cannot trace back to an event in their current life. Others have relationships that they do not completely understand and wonder if they are trying to work something out from another life. Another reason people decide to do a past life regression is that they are looking for their purpose in this life. Through the regression we look for clues in other lives to help them determine why they chose their current life and situation.

As a therapist I believe that we come back again and again as we grow and learn particular lessons in each life. It would be difficult not to believe this after experiencing the transformative sessions that many of my clients have had! I really enjoy this work and the sense of wonderment that people have when they come out of hypnosis. It is a truly unique experience that provides insights which cannot be gained elsewhere. Sometimes people are drawn to a PLR and find that the session actually begins to focus on Energy Release. This is a normal occurance and ER is as effective and helpful as a PLR.

Past life regression is available as a one time session, the fee is $200 and the session usually lasts two and a half to three hours. During a session we usually spend the first half hour or so discussing what you want to get out of it and then spend the majority of the time in hypnosis doing the regression.