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Pain Management

Hypnosis can be used in a number of different situations relating to pain.

Chronic pain is a common complaint that can be helped with hypnosis. It is not a subustitution for proper medical care and cannot cure medical conditions. Yet often with chronic pain the subconscious becomes conditioned to feeling pain in certain areas of the body. Even when these areas have healed the subconscious still associates pain with certain movements or situations. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether the pain is being caused by an actual physical condition or because of subconscious associations. Hypnosis is useful in getting to the root of this issue and helping the mind and body to heal together.

Hypnosis can also help during pre and post surgery. Hypnosis is very effective in helping to calm pre surgery fears so that you can go into the surgery with a positive and healing attitude. Afterwards hypnosis can be used to find helpful visualizations suggested by the subconscious which can be practiced during self hypnosis to speed up the healing process.