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I am available to teach classes to groups of 6 or more. Individual classes can also be combined to create 2-5 day workshops. Each class has a range of time in can be taught in, depending on how much practicum is included. Please contact me by email at carlyptak @ gmail.com if you would like to discuss details.


Energetic Self Protection:

We all have energy fields and sense energy in our subconscious awareness. Even though this is often considered to be mysterious it is a basic part of life that everyone already uses every day. This class is focused on understanding more about the ways you already sense energy, as well as becoming aware of the energy you choose to create within your field. We consider energy on every level, the material, mental, emotional and spiritual and focus on simple techniques for keeping it clean and healthy.

This class can be from 2-6 hours long with a fee range of 30-90 dollars.

Energy Release Basics:

Energy Awareness Process is a technique for sensing when outside energy is within your field and releasing it. People often have energies connected to them that are separate from them and drain energy from their inherent vitality. These energies may be thoughtforms from other people, the spirits of those who have died and have not yet moved into the Light, or they may be more disruptive dark energies. These energies can affect a person by creating unhealthy patterns of behavior or emotional responses, obsessive thought patterns, or elusive physical issues.

In this class we cover:

*The basics for understanding spirits, dark energies, thoughtforms and how they attach to people

*how to create a script for clearing your personal energy field

*methods for healing the effects of the attachments

*how to keep your energy field clear and protected

The emphasis for this class will be on helping each participant begin to develop their own way of with working within their personal energetic field. We will be operating from as neutral of a space as possible, avoiding the use of shamanic, angelic, or other religious paradigms. Each participant is welcome to mix what they learn in the class with their own beliefs and healing modalities.

This class can be from 4-8 hours long with a fee range of 60-120.

Energy Release for Practitioners

This class is for those who have taken Energy Release Basics and are ready to begin to use this process with others. There are three main areas we cover:


-how to have a direct dialogue to clear energies from others

-how to do remote release


-how to connect with the part of the client that allowed the energy in

-a simple format for integrating the client at all ages


-advanced methods for keeping your field clear

-inspiring your clients to maintain their own energetic fields

Many different types of practioners can use ER with their clients. It meshes well with traditional therapy, acupuncture, reiki, and even massage. ER can be done slowly over time or in one long session. Clients enjoy it because they are an active part of the process and the goal is to empower them to maintain their own energy field. Practitioners enjoy it because it is powerful and easily accessible tool to add to their skillset.This is an experiential class where particpants will work with eachother to practice clearing.

This class can be 8- 12 hours long with a fee range of 120-180

Self Hypnosis Techniques

This class is for those who are ready to enjoy the benefits of hypnosis by creating their own personal hypnotic scripts and recording them.

In this class we will cover:

-the differences between the conscious and subconscious mind

-how to communicate with the subconscious

-hypnotic inductions

-how to write and record a hypnotic script

This class can be 2-4 hours long with a fee range of 30-60.