Life Between Lives

A Life Between Lives session is a profound, and often life-changing experience. Being in touch with one’s superconscious, or soul state, opens up new perspectives into many areas of life. During the session we are able to investigate the choices your soul made previous to being born into your current life and body, as well as gain new understanding into choices you have made since being born. Relationships deepen as you understand your past connections with friends and family. Life goals and purpose become clearer.

Life Between Lives (LBL) is a unique hypnosis technique pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton. During a hypnotic session in the early 1960’s Dr. Newton had a client which spontaneously went into the time in between lives, otherwise known as the soul state. He wondered if he could replicate this experience and developing the LBL technique soon became his life’s work. He performed thousands of LBL’s before he published his first book Journey of Souls in 1994. Since that time the Newton Institute was formed and around 200 practitioners have been trained and continue to practice the Life Between Lives technique that Dr. Newton pioneered.

Common aspects of an LBL are:

*Connecting with your higher self and learning your soul name

* Meeting your guide

*Learning who is in your soul group and what role they play in your life now

*Visiting the library and having a wider perspective on your past experiences

*Communicating with your Council and receiving suggestions for how to serve your highest purpose throughout the remainder of this life

Previous to having an LBL it is important to be familiar and comfortable with the hypnotic experience. A Past Life Regression (PLR)is necessary before we can move on to an LBL. Past Life Regression is a part of the LBL process and so experiencing a PLR  assists in learning how to navigate and communicate while in a trance state. It also gives us a chance to ask your guide to accompany us into the soul world, once we have this connection it gives us both confidence for going into the LBL session.

An LBL session normally takes from 3 to 6 hours. If you have not had a PLR previously we can book one as close as 1-2 days before our LBL and it can be part of an intensive if you like.

Please contact me with any questions you might have about this process. You can find out more about Life Between Lives at the Newton Institute website.

My spiritual teacher suggested I undergo hypnosis to unlock what was buried in my subconscious. I was ready to go with another hypnotherapist when I stumbled upon Carly Ptak’s website. There was something about the integrity of it that caused me to change my mind and I am very glad I did. The integrity that I sensed in the website is inherent in Carly. The outcome of this work has made a huge difference. This is not a difference of mood, it is more organic than that-like dropping a 100 lb weight from one’s shoulders. The emotional patterns that were living me have largely been released and when they begin to return, they have no foothold and pass by. I would strongly recommend Carly to anyone who is thinking about hypnosis. I would also recommend this type of therapy over any conventional form of therapy.

Mark Tyler