An intensive is an entire day, or series of days, focused on you.

It is an opportunity to open yourself to deep and thorough transformation.

The beauty of an intensive is that we don’t know to know what we will do or when, together we have enough time to connect, take a deep dive, rest, integrate and then dive again.

Imagine doing deep work like a past life regression and not having to walk dazed to your car and drive away…. Instead you can take a nap with the sound pillow, have a massage, or perhaps we decide that a gong bath will harmonize your energetic systems.

During an intensive you can rest, process and integrate. I am here for the questions that arise after deep work, or to laugh and eat a snack with.

There are so many subjects, modalities, places and objects to explore there is no end to how we might play together!

My office (aka The Golden Heart Space) is in a 24′ yurt on 4 1/2 acres in the foothills of Montecito. We can see the ocean, islands and mountains. We have a sunset viewing tower, infrared sauna, well water and much more.

Near the office there is a studio with a small kitchen, full bed, normal toilet and outdoor shower. During an intensive you are welcome to stay in the studio for a minimum of 2 nights. We also have a pop-up trailer if a camping feeling is more your style. The pop-up has two large beds, indoor dinette, outdoor table and hang area, propane stove, sink and power. There is a cassette toilet inside the camper and outside shower near the studio.  Both the camper and studio have wi-fi and full time access to the yurt during the intensive. You can also stay elsewhere locally or just have a 1 day intensive.

Options included during an in-person intensive here in Santa Barbara:

  • Fully Body Massage Chair
  • Crystal Gridding and Body Activation
  • Sound Pillow
  • Past Life Regression
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Vocal training
  • Life Between Lives Session
  • Astrological Chart Reading
  • Trip to the ocean for electromagnetic clearing
  • Gong and bowl sound bath
  • Shaking Medicine
  • Nap
  • Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine
  • Parts Therapy
  • Energy Release Process
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • Enjoy the Sunset or stars from the tower
  • Drink and learn to create Structured Water
  • Tuning Fork Acupoint session
  • Hike to the hot springs
  • Dance, play, hang & so much more

I offer intensives because I believe it is the next step in self evolution. Retreats are great, but there is still other people’s energy and issues to deal with!

An intensive allows for the feeling of a vacation getaway with a total focus on you. There is no need to have a big problem or issue to deal with, beneficial change is available even if you are already feeling good!

If you would like to come as a couple (or friends!) that is also available. It is the same set-up and we will all go with the flow and do what feels right.

We can also do an intensive online, basically I will be available by zoom all day and evening and we can work and hang out as much as feels appropriate.

While you are welcome to book online it is probably a good idea to give me a call and plan our dates before booking your intensive!

The Yurt Office aka Golden Heart Space

“WOW, Carly is magical, and her work truly is transformational. I felt a special connection with her immediately–although part of me wonders if everyone feels that way. I can’t overstate how at-ease I felt with her right away, as if we had known each other forever and I was just settling in with a life-long friend. I am an energy worker myself, but I find that I’m initially skeptical of many in our profession, until I can “feel” their intent and integrity. There was not a shred of ego or pretense present with Carly, and she created a deep sense of safety and trust while we were working together. The work she is doing is profound. It’s next-level. She is a beautiful instrument/channel for her clients highest good, healing and transformation. Thank you, Carly, for doing what you do! Your work is so important.”

Meghan Schoneberger