Energy Release Process

Over many years of working with clients it has become apparent that many people are sensitive to energy yet unsure of how to clear or protect their personal field. Many empathic people are especially prone to attracting outside energies such as spirits or astrals into their fields. Supporting these extra energies drains the personal field and results in constant exhaustion or detachment.  I have developed Energy Release Process (ERP) sessions as way to address this wide-ranging issue.

 When a person collects a lot of other energies in their field they often feel “stuck” or “blocked” no matter what they do to improve themselves or their lives. The person with a disrupted field can barely sense themselves due to the static in their thoughts and emotional responses.  Disruptive energetic attachments can effect a person’s thoughts, actions, feelings, and physical sensations while creating a sense of disconnection within the self.

Energy Release Process is a collection of simple techniques for maintaining the personal energy field. Every person can do this, one does not have to be intuitive or specially gifted to maintain their energetic self.  ERP is in part based on Dr. William Baldwin’s groundbreaking Spirit Releasement method. ERP builds upon this method by incorporating techniques for reclaiming the energy field. If the field is cleared but not reclaimed then is will be disrupted again.

Energy Release Process focuses on three areas:

  • Releasing energies from the energetic field
  • Reconnecting with the younger self that let the energies in
  • Reclaiming and maintaining the personal electromagnetic field.

Some common indicators of a clogged field are:

  • chronic low energy
  • looping thoughts that tend to stay the same over long periods of time
  • scatteredness and a sense of inner static
  • strong inner voices that are critical or negative
  • mysterious physical sensations  or areas of chronic pain that cannot be traced to a medical cause
  • a consistent feeling of “being stuck” or blocked
  • past intuitive abilities that have been lost
  • internal “chatter” that makes it difficult to relax or focus
  • a general feeling of being physically cold
  • poor memory that leads to confusion
  • impulsivity that feels unnatural or uncontrollable
  • a history of trauma, abuse, or areas of memory that have been blacked out

ERP can be done in one session as well as many sessions. To begin to clear the field ERP focuses on physical sensations which are easily sensed within the body. We then use dialogue to help release these sensations in a kind and loving way. Often as one layer of energy is released it takes time for you to begin to reconnect with and reclaim your energetic field. As your inner light becomes brighter and more comfortable, deeply held layers become ready for release. It happens easily and more quickly as you develop your energetic awareness. After some familiarity with Energy Release Process and a sense of how it feels to have a clear energetic field you can learn to release energetic attachments on your own.

Outstanding. I can’t say enough about this. I am a hugely skeptical person but the experience and the improvement is undeniable. Ms. Ptak is an excellent and therapeutic presence and her abilities are extraordinary. I believe in this so much that I am gifting sessions with her to my friends and family.

Rishi Kundi