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Email: carlyptak@gmail.com


4504 Prospect Circle, Baltimore, 21216

This location is in my home on the edge of the Gwynn's Falls Nature Preserve. It is very peaceful and filled with the sound of birds. The address is on Prospect Circle, but parking and the entrance is on Clifton St. Just pull through Prospect circle and park on Clifton in front of the yellow house. The address is clearly marked on the mailbox on Clifton.There is always plenty of free parking right out front. The private office entrance is located on the left side of the yellow house. It has wooden stairs, a porch and an "Integration" sign hanging on it.

Contact Information

Email: carlyptak@gmail.com

Mailing Address: Carly Ptak

4504 Prospect Circle, Baltimore, MD 21216

Telephone: 410-782-9776