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Breathe Free Program

As I have matured as hypnotherapist over the years I have changed the way that I work with smoking cessation. Originally I offered sessions similar to hypnotists- where I put people "under" and made directive suggestions about smoking. After working with more complex cases I quickly changed the way I work with smoking. It was clear that we needed to do therapeutic work for the hypnosis to be effective. I then started to offer a package where we adressed both smoking and emotions. The method is very effective. Recently, I decided to stop offering that package. I have realized that each smoker is different and needs a different number of sessions. Some are ready in as few as three sessions, and some clients need more. It is important to note that I am working as a hypnotherapist, not a hypnotist, and we address more than just the symptom of smoking.

My approach is to treat smoking in the same way as I treat other habits: to notice that there is an underlying emotional trigger and to release or resolve this trigger. Then it is easy to let go of the smoking. My clients who choose this approach see many more benefits than simply stopping smoking- they also feel more relaxed, more well-adjusted and have a better understanding of themselves. If you are considering coming to see me for smoking cessation I suggest that you give me a call so that we can speak in more detail about my approach. It is effective and promotes long-term cessation, not a quick fix. There is no magic wand that anyone can wave and make it all go away. You must be willing to allow yourself to see the deeper issues involved with smoking, and then enjoy the benefits of releasing those issues. Even though it is more profitable and less work for me to provide single smoking cessation sessions I refuse to do them because I believe they are ineffective in the long term. I am committed to helping you become smoke free and that means that you have to become involved in the process.