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Anxiety is the most common issue I work with. This is because there are so many ways in which people experience it, and also many techniques for relieving it. I love to work with people who have anxiety because I enjoy being a part of the wonderful transformation which my clients experience. In addressing anxiety we often use the techniques of regression and parts therapy, but only only at a pace which is comfortable and appropriate. Our main goal is to release that which is no longer needed while focusing on practical ways to become calm and confident. I also encourage clients to learn and use self-hypnosis, so that they have access to an easy method of deep relaxation any time it is needed.

Anxiety is a normal part of the life process, but when it begins to dictate behavior then it is time to make a change. Learning to relax more deeply while also releasing ingrained patterns is an effective and efficient way to become centered and calm. I have had many clients who unsuccessfully tried medications and other forms of therapy. The difference with hypnosis is that I am helping you to find the answers from within. Through the use of visualisations, suggestions and your own undiscovered inner resources you will learn real world techniques for transforming anxiety.