Energy Release Process Practitioner Training

16 weeks starting January 27th, 2019 

Webinars on Sundays from 11am-12:30 pm Eastern (recordings will be sent after each class)

Classes will alternate weekly between lecture and practice. One week will be lecture, the next week students will practice the techniques with each other.

In this training you will learn an effective method for releasing energies from yourself and others. All types of energies can be released with the Energy Release Process, including spirits, dark energies, thoughtforms and more. You can become a practitioner of Energy Release or mix it with the modalities you already practice. ERP meshes well with reiki, acupuncture, traditional therapy, or any type of somatic work.  Clients enjoy it because they are an active part of the process, can feel the release as it is happening, and are empowered to maintain their own energy field. Practitioners enjoy it because it is a powerful and easily accessible tool which creates long-lasting change. It opens up a huge field of work as most people have some sort of energy attachments and find the sessions to be immediately effective.

The training includes 8 live webinars and 8 live practicums, alternating weekly. There will also be recordings of actual sessions for you to review on your own. Participants will receive an Energy Release Process certificate upon completion and approval of two ERP sessions. Practitioners who earn certification will be listed one the website. Earlybird registration before January 10th is $375, after January 10th is $425.

Register by choosing the training option here 

If you would like to pay in installments please contact me by email.

Module 1

Energy Awareness Basics

-Learning about the different types of energy attachments

-Basic tools of energy awareness

-Signs of attached energies

Module 2

Tools for keeping your energy clear

-Learn how to write a self-removal script

-Space clearing and protection

-Advanced tools and processes for energy awareness

Module 3

Introduction to working with others

-Introducing energy awareness to clients

-Induction and preparation before the release

-Working with the higher self of client

Module 4

Energy Release for Spirits

-How to tell what type of energy you are working with

-Different attitudes of spirits and how to guide them

-What to when the client does not want to allow the release

Module 5

Energy Release for Disruptive Energies

-Developing and using your commanding voice

-Working with guides during the release

-What to do if the client or energy is not cooperating

Module 6

Resolution and Protection of the Inner Child/Vulnerable Parts

-Advanced cord work

-Process for creating connection for the client with themselves at every age

-Connecting the client with their higher self

Module 7

Putting it all together

-How to use your time during the session

-Preparing clients to maintain their energy field

-Post release support of client

Module 8

What to do when you don’t know what to do

-Troubleshooting during the process