Online Sessions

Most of my sessions are held online. I have found that this makes connecting very easy, either of us can be anywhere in the world and have no need to travel to meet with eachother! If you have not had an online session before it may sound a little wierd at first- once we meet you will find that it is easy and comfortable. When you have your eyes closed and are being guided by my voice it makes little difference whether I am in the same room!

I use the Zoom platform for online sessions- you will receive the link when you book your session. Some other things to consider before booking online:

-You can use a phone, tablet or computer with Zoom- the most important part is that you have a stable connection

-It can be helpful to have earphones for the session

-You can be anywhere will you be alone and comfortable- I have even had clients choose to be in their car for the session!

I look forward to meeting with you!