March 18th to April 2nd 2020

Receptivity: The Art of Allowing and Appreciating

It is very easy to focus on “doing” “making it happen” or “manifesting”; action is emphasized in the media, our relationships and even our internal dialogue. Often without realizing it much of our time is spent focusing on very yang qualities: creating, working, being quick, controlling outcomes.

The yin quality of receptivity is often under-emphasized and even misunderstood. Receptivity is a state of “being”: slowing down, listening, allowing. The focus of our trip to Bali will be to cultivate our own receptivity while interacting with a culture that is uniquely receptive.

Bali is distinctive in a multitude of ways; one is that it has managed to maintain its traditional culture while integrating with the modern technological world. Daily life in Bali is filled with ceremony, music, dance, and listening to nature: all of it is connected to the animist spiritual beliefs and practices that are the hub of Balinese community.

Daily Offering

Each day Balinese families create canang sari, which are offerings of flowers, food, incense and prayers which honor everything: community temples, family temples, trees, entrances, even mopeds. The Balinese concept of “Taksu” is part of the collective focus: maintaining meditative presence and appreciation within each and every breath and activity.

During out trip we will cultivate receptivity on many levels. First we will have a day of rest and relaxation in Sanur to gather the group and adjust from travelling. Then we will visit the island of Nusa Penida and explore the cave temple of Giri Putri and the watery world of the expansive stretches of coral visited by Manta Rays.

Nusa Penida Coral

During this time we will get to know each other and begin our personal inner journeys into receptivity. Throughout the trip we will have group meditative journeys in the mornings in which we will practice receiving information from our subconscious and super-conscious selves. During these professionally-led journeys we will explore past lives and release stuck energy while also deepening our connection with our higher selves and guides.

After Nusa Penida we will travel to Ubud and stay at a quiet hotel that is in the heart of the village and has its own temple and gardens. We will learn from a local how to make flower offerings and keep this as a practice throughout the rest of the trip. We will honor the consecutive holidays of Ogoh-Ogoh and Nyepi: national days focused on releasing negativity and then practicing silence, fasting, and reflection. 

Ogoh-Ogoh Avatar

Ogoh-Ogoh Avatar

 Our bodies will practice receptivity by enjoying 3 different types of massage during our weeks together. Our minds and creative selves will learn to be receptive to the traditional arts of Bali; included in the trip are 3 classes: batik with natural plants, silversmithing, and cooking. We will appreciate the taksu of musicians and dancers as we take evening trips to see

Indigo Batik

Legong Dance and Kecak (fire) Dance and the taksu of artists in the Agung Rai museum. We will allow water to guide us through a ritual bath at the Tirta Empul Temple and appreciate the receptive element of earth in the Tegallalang Rice Terrace.

During some evenings group members will have the option of receiving from each other through skill sharing and energetic practices. Throughout the journey we will maintain a nourishing container of gentleness, allowing, and ease. 

What’s included:

⦁ 15 days with 14 nights lodging 1 Sanur/3 Nusa Penida/ 11 Ubud
⦁ Breakfast each day
⦁ Travel to and from Airport (if you travel on appointed days)
⦁ Boat Ride to and from Nusa Penida
⦁ Daily transport for planned outings
⦁ Snorkeling boat trip in Nusa Penida
⦁ Admission to Temples including Giri Putri, Tirta Empul
⦁ Admission to the Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets and Agung Rai Museum
⦁ 3 massages of choice including: Balinese, Thai, Warm Stone, Aromatherapy, Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, Foot Acupressure, Indian Head Massage or Traditional Boreh Body Scrub
⦁ 3 Classes: Traditional Batik, Silver Jewelry Making, Balinese Cooking or Maskcarving
⦁ Admission to 2 Traditional Balinese Dance Performances including Legong and Kecak (fire) dance
⦁ Instruction and Daily practice in making offerings
⦁ Celebration of Ogoh-Ogoh and Nyepi
⦁ Group Past Life Regression, Energy Release, Connection with Higher Self and Guides and Meditations

What’s not Included:
⦁ Airfare to Bali
⦁ Meals after Breakfast
⦁ Travel Insurance

⦁ Private Session with a Balinese Shaman
⦁ Further body treatments such as Shirodara, Marma Point Massage or Traditional Rice Paddy massage
⦁ Yoga classes at the renowned Yoga Barn, which is very close to our accomodations

Price per person in USD:

                           Before Dec 1st / Before Feb 10th /After February 10th
Double Room            1350              1450                     1550
Single Room               1700              1800                     1900

Friends and couples are encouraged to register together; if you want a double room and are travelling alone we will try to match you to a roommate. Our group will be limited to a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 12. A non-refundable deposit of $350 for each participant is due when you register; it will be used to reserve your lodgings and can be transferred to another person.  The remainder of the fee is due by March 5th.

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Further Details:


Airfare to Bali is surprisingly inexpensive. The best rates for international travel occur when booking around 4 months ahead of the trip.

There will be two group pick-ups heading from the airport to the Home 21 hotel  in Sanur on March 18th. There will two group drop-offs going from Ubud to the airport on April 2nd. These are included in the price of the trip, if your travel is outside of these times it is your responsibility to arrange transportation.

All transportation to excursions will be arranged and included. In Ubud we may be walking if the location is nearby, otherwise we will have our own driver and vans for the group. The hotel in Ubud is located near a Monkey Forest Shuttle Bus stop, it is a free bus that does a circuit of Ubud every half hour or so. You can also rent a moped on Nusa Penida or in Ubud, this is recommended only if you are an experienced driver and have travel insurance. It is very easy to take a moped taxi or car taxi to any location within or near Ubud, drivers are everywhere and easy negotiate with.

The average meal in Bali costs .50 to 12 US dollars. Fifty cents gets you a traditional banana leaf wrapped bundle on the street with rice, meat and spicy ramen folded inside, ten dollars can be a delicious steak at a farm to table restaurant such as Bonito. And, of course, you can find everything in between. Ubud is filled with restaurants of all kinds, including vegan(Bali Buda), raw food (Seeds of Life) and gluten free(Gluten Free Kitchen). Our hotel is within walking distance of plenty of restaurants and bars.

We will be staying at lovely hotels with air conditioning and luscious grounds. In Sanur we will stay at Home 21 for one night to rest from travel and gather ourselves. The hotel in Nusa Penida is a new family run hotel called Tentacle, it is on the Ocean front and has a pool. There is great snorkeling right outside the hotel. In Ubud we will be staying at Betutu Bali Villas, all rooms will be Deluxe or Superior and there is also a pool.

Bali is filled with incredible handmade items that are at the heart of their thriving economy. Ubud is the focal point of the traditional arts and we will visit specialty woodcarving shops, a shop that dyes ikat fabrics and custom sews clothing to order, and peruse the studio/shops of local painters. The Ubud Traditional Art Market is nearby as well as plenty of shops and markets along the city streets.

Solo Excursions:
While our schedule is filled with exciting opportunities for exploration, all activities are optional. There will be plenty of time to explore Ubud on your own. The Betutu Villas are very near the Monkey Sanctuary, this peaceful place is worth multiple visits and is a highlight of any trip to Bali. There are many temples and sites to see within Ubud and the surrounding area. You are encouraged to extend your stay in Bali on either side of our trip if you want to visit other parts of the island.

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