Astrology is an incredible tool for insight into ourselves as well as the world around us. It can bring a sense of understanding about why we have chosen the challenges we are facing, as well as suggest an effective way for processing those challenges. I have found my own understanding of myself has deepened a great deal since I began studying astrology, and furthered my understanding of others since I began giving readings in 2014.

I follow the work of Evolutionary Astrology, primarily studying with Kaypacha and Steven Forrest. Evolutionary astrology understands each person’s birthchart as a map of the soul’s evolution, and uses that map as a way to see the potential for harmonious change. Rather than trying to define who you are or rigidly predict what will happen it focuses on the human experience as a spectrum of possibilities in which you create your own answers. My readings tend to be much more intuitive than they are technical, I like to go into the stories of the planets and their influences more than the details of aspects and orbs. I also study the Sabian symbols and am happy to include those in the reading if you are interested. Because I enjoying focusing on the stories and the intuitive interpretation, I find my readings are well suited both to those who already know about astrology, as well as those who have very little context for it. Because my appointment structure is based upon the amount of time we spend together you are welcome to book a reading and mix it with other types of work that I do.

Natal Chart with current Transits and Progressions

This is where we look at the natal chart along with the placement of the planets as they are at the time of the reading. This type of reading can be used to understand the types of challenges that may be coming up, as well as give perspective on recent changes. To receive this reading it is best if you know the exact time you were born.

Relationship Reading 

This reading includes a look at both natal charts, the synastry chart and the composite chart with current transits. The focus is on the relationship: how you see eachother (according to the charts) and where your strengths and weaknesses are located. As we focus on the archetypes of the signs together it can help us to see where we reflect these aspects in ourselves and project them on to the Other. It is necessary to know the exact time of birth for both people, the reading can change a great deal if a birth time is off by even an hour or two. It is also preferable that both people be present during the reading, though this is not necessary.