Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine

The Sacred Anatomy refers to the seven systems of subtle and electromagnetic energy extending out 20 feet in all directions from your physical body. It is conscious and intelligent and holds the history of your soul’s journey. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is a transformational subtle modality based on the radical premise that consciousness is anatomical. Access to this intelligence is the doorway to your personal evolutionary development, available to anyone who seeks a new and mature approach to awakening and healing.

SAEM Practitioners train deeply in the details of the subtle structure and learn to read it.  As an acupuncturist reads pulses, a Chiropractor checks your spine, or a medical doctor studies your lab results, the SAEM Practitioner will scan your Human Energy Structure to locate the places which may require alignment, clearing, or release from subtle pathologies.  It’s incredible how accurately these subtle energy clues relate to real issues in a person’s life.  The holistic nature of the work leads the practitioner and client to work together toward spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical balance, creating a sense of intimacy which is unique to this work.  Having learned to work at the edge of the energy structure, Practitioners create a space for transformation without agenda, and witness you as the divine and perfect spark of Creation that you are.